Aristotle. Attribution: Alvaro Marques Hijazo, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

This essay explores whether Aristotle’s conception of the soul in De Anima dovetails with contemporary functionalist doctrines. If so, his philosophy may perhaps be acquitted of the irrelevant imputed to it by Myles Burnyeat. This in turn would legitimise Aristotle’s co-option by modern functionalist authors as their philosophical forebear. They have, after all, faced similar challenges. Aristotle walked a fine line between Democritean reductionist materialism and Platonic proto-Cartesian dualism. Meanwhile, modern functionalists chart a perilous course between purely physical accounts on one side and full-blooded dualism on the other. …

Bust of Plato, Vatican Museum, Rome, Attribution: Dudva, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

This essay examines whether Plato is indeed guilty of a logical fallacy in his final argument for the immortality of the soul in the Phaedo. If valid, Plato’s argument offers coherent models of the relationships between body and soul (or mind) and the nature of the soul itself. This last issue has intrigued many philosophers, from Plato’s ancient contemporaries to leading thinkers of the modern age. Accordingly, this essay aims not only to promote a clearer understanding of Plato’s position in the Phaedo, but also to address several items of great philosophical interest.

After outlining Plato’s final argument (FA), I…

It has surely been long enough, but for those still hoping to preserve their innocence, this piece contains spoilers for both The Last of Us Part II and its predecessor. This piece also contains expletives.

The Last of Us Part II has proven to be a rather controversial game, to say the least. The initial rush of numerically-scored reviews painted it as a pure critical darling, although some game critics (e.g., those at Polygon) were less glowing in their unscored narrative reviews. User scores, often a trash-fire, were afflicted by widespread review-bombing after leaks revealed an unpopular early plot point…

Daniel Shea

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